Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can couples be in the same room?

Yes, we have several rooms at both locations that will accommodate couples. You can choose any 2 services of the same duration, excluding the HydraFacial and Customized Organic Facials.


Q: What is the best massage?

All of them are great! Our Thai-Me Custom Massage, Incredible Massage, and Thai Fusion Massage are Thai-Me specialties. They’re unique to us, along with the HeadacheAway/SinusRelief Scalp Treatment and the Arthritis Hand Treatment.

We have an amazingly talented staff and a large menu of other options. Each on is relaxing, therapeutic, and great! It comes down to your preference and what issues we can help with.


Q: Do you have private baths?

Yes, absolutely. At our downtown location, we have two (2) private bathrooms. Since Thai-Me – Downtown is next to the Argentinian Coffee & Wine Bar, you can order Wine, Beer, Herbal Teas, Juices, and Spring Water to enhance your bath experience.


Q: Can two people fit in the same tub?

Yes, our tubs are large enough for two people.


Q: How do the results of a Lymphatic Body Wrap and a Mud Wrap vary?

The Lymphatic Wrap detoxifies the Lymphatic System. This results in the reduction of inflammation and swelling in the tissue. Tightens, tones, and reduces cellulite.

The Mud Wrap detoxifies the muscular system. This is great for people who work on their feet, exercise regularly, have muscle tightness and athletes.


Q: Can you really see a difference after just one lymphatic inch loss wrap?

Yes, you will see instant results. For those who want to maximize their results, we recommend our series of 6 sessions spaced one 1 week apart and doing an internal detox. Save money by purchasing the series and get the internal detox and maintenance kit FREE.


Q: Dou offer Prenatal Massage?

Yes, after first trimester the massages available are Prenatal and the Incredible Massage. In the first trimester, we offer Facials, Manicures, and Pedicures.


Q: Do you do Lymphatic Massage?

Yes, several of our therapists specialize in this massage. Because the work is very slow, we recommend targeting 1-2 specific areas per treatment. If you are wanting the full body, the Lymphatic Wrap is recommended as it achieves incredible results in the least amount of time.


Q: Do you offer Oncology Massage?

Yes, several of our therapists specialize in this massage.


Q: I have very sensitive skin, what do you recommend?

We use and recommend Eminence Organic Skincare, which is made for sensitive skin. We also have take-home kits and other treatment products to help improve your skin.


Q: What is the best treatment for fibromyalgia?

 Lymphatic Wrap and CBD Massage​


Q: I had back surgery, will a massage help?

After 6 weeks, a massage can help in many ways. It’s important to let your therapist know all of the details of your procedure and get your doctor’s approval.


Q: I have been running, biking, golfing, driving, etc. lately. What do you recommend?

Anything Thai! Either Thai Massage or Thai Fusion. The difference between the two is Thai Fusion uses oil & stretching, and Thai Massage is a fully clothed massage with no oil, only stretching & compression massage.


Q: Does massage help with stress?

Yes, our Staff Favorites are the Thai-Me Custom, CBD, and the Incredible Massages.


Q: I’m allergic to chemicals, nuts, or mineral oil can you accommodate me?

 Yes, you are in the right place! We use high-quality, organic products. Our massage products are free of mineral oil- and nut-based oils.

Q: Do you have Nails Treatments?

Yes, we offer nail treatments at our 7 South Location


Q: Do your nail techs speak English?

Yes, they only speak English.


Q: Do you have any therapists who speak Spanish, Thai, or Chinese?

Yes, we sure do. Between the two locations, we can schedule you with a therapist to help accommodate the language barrier. If you’re booking online, please leave a note if you have a special need.


Q: Can I request a therapist?

Absolutely. We have many years of talent and everyone has a unique approach.  We hope every therapist provides the best massage you’ve ever had, even if you choose a different therapist each visit. With that being said, we know that it’s also nice to stick with a therapist you can see on a regular basis.


Q: Can I request a male/ female therapist?

Yes, you can. Our therapists, male and female, are very professional and talented, and we believe clients will be very happy with a therapist of either gender. Please notify the booking specialist at time of booking if you have a preference.  Once you arrive, it’s unlikely we can change the gender of your therapist.


Q: Can you wear clothing during the massage?

Yes, for Thai Massage, please wear something loose & comfortable. For other massages, the therapist will ask you to undress down to your comfort level. You can wear underwear and/or bra if you prefer, but the therapist will not massage under the undergarments.   


Q: What is your maximum weight capacity?

Our tables will support up to 500 lbs


Q: I have a cold/flu, will massage help?

A massage will not only make your symptoms worse, but you could in infect your therapist. Please come to see us when all your symptoms are gone.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours cancellation notice, especially on Weekends and Holidays. To be fair to our staff and/or other clients on our waiting list, “no shows” will be charged the full amount of their booked service. If you have an emergency, please give us a call and we’ll work to fill the space, so we don’t have to charge. If we don’t have enough time to fill the space, we’ll have to charge. Please only book an appointment if you are serious about coming.


Q: Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, if a therapist is available. However, if you want a guaranteed appointment, please book an appointment online or over the phone. Depending on the day of the week, just ask how soon you can get in and we’ll try to accommodate as much as possible.


Q: Do you offer group discounts?

Currently, we do not offer group discounts, but we work hard to be able to accommodate groups at or around the same time.

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds