Contraindications & Warnings

While HydraFacial is safe for all skin types, 

treatment is prohibited in certain cases.

Please review the list below and consult your 

doctor if you have additional questions or concerns.


  • Pregnancy
  • Accutane (if used within the past 12 mos.)
  • Retin-A/AHA's/Peels (stop use 5+ days prior)
  • Botox/Fillers used within past 14 days
  • Severe form of acne
  • Inflammation of the skin on the face
  • Eczema/Psoriasis 
  • Facial waxing (not within past 14 days)
  • IPL/Laser Therapy (not within past 14 days)
  • Sunburn
  • Shellfish/Aspirin/Sulfur
  • Abnormal, unidentified facial growth or mark
  • Cold sores or fever blisters
  • Open lesions 
  • Autoimmune or communicable disease (Lupus/Scleroderma)
  • Allergies to product ingredients


  • Not recommended for severe acne scarring
  • If the skin becomes irritated, discontinue treatment and seek medical advice
  • Do not use within the orbital area, such as over the eyelids. Eyes should be closed during the procedure and covered with protective eyewear, Sterile eye rinse should be available in case products accidentally get into your eyes.

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds