skin care 101

Skin types

It's important to identify your personal skin types before choosing your products. Use the following descriptions to ensure a perfect match and to properly care for your skin. 

dry skin

Your skin feels dry and tight, and sometimes you can see flakes on your cheeks, chin and forehead. Fine lines may be present around your eye and lip contour areas. It is important to use moisture-rich products such as a daytime moisturizer, and a moisturizing treatment at night to repair your skin while you sleep. Weekly moisturizing masks will keep your skin soft and supple and will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Normal skin

Your skin is best described as well-balanced. IT has even moisture and hydration, uniform texture and minimal sensitivity. While your skin may show slight variations in oiliness and dryness, it does not endure persistent skin concerns or conditions. To keep your skin even and toned, a good skin care routine including cleansing and moisturizing is a must. 

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Combination skin

Your skin is both dry and oily. With more active oil glands in your T-Zone, you tend to exhibit the characteristics of oily skin on your chin, nose and forehead and normal-to-dry skin on your cheeks, jawline and hairline. The best approach for combination skin is to address the needs of each area individually. Use different skin care products and techniques to control excess oil in your T-Zone and replenish moisture elsewhere.

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oily skin

Your skin is shiny, has visible pores and is prone to spots and blemishes. Makeup seems to slide off your skin as soon as it is applied. Oily ski has the benefit of not showing lines easily, but needs to be maintained to help prevent breakouts and to control shine.

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Sensitive skin

Your skin has fine pores, can be easily irritated and is prone to redness. Sensitive skin is often genetic and can also react to poor diet, changes in weather, hormonal imbalance and certain cosmetic products. Sensitive skin must be treated with the correct skin care products that are gentle and soothing to heal your skin and relieve your symptoms. 

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