Organic Body Care: Skin Care Steps From Head To Toe | Eminence Organic Skin Care

Organic Body Care: Skin Care Steps From Head To Toe | Eminence Organic Skin Care

by Eminence Writer

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Organic Body Care: Skin Care Steps From Head To Toe

by: Alisha Whitley, June 3, 2019
Updated on June 25, 2019


You always put your best face forward, but your skin care routine should extend from head to toe. From Cleopatra and her milk baths to the historic hot springs and luxurious spas of Hungary, body treatments have been used since ancient times to renew and replenish the body’s largest organ: your skin. Follow these steps to elevate your body ritual with a luxurious organic body care routine featuring our signature stone crop ingredient.

1. Exfoliate

Your skin is in a constant state of regeneration: Old skin cells shed and new cells emerge. But, sometimes your skin needs help shedding its layers. Exfoliation is the best way to slough off dead skin cells and reveal the healthy cells underneath. Gently massaging an exfoliant into the skin also makes skin look revitalized, improves its texture and boosts its natural vibrancy.Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub

Polish your skin to perfection with the new Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub. This unique resurfacing exfoliant lathers into a creamy foam and combines sugar and salt to hydrate and invigorate the skin's appearance. Infused with comforting stone crop and antioxidant-rich lemon peel, it smooths and brightens skin for a fresh-looking finish. Inhale deeply to experience the full benefits of this subtly fragrant body scrub.


2. Moisturize

With dead cells buffed away, your skin can better absorb the moisturizing properties of the lotions and oils that follow. While your skin is still slightly damp, apply deeply hydrating body oil to replenish dry skin and lock in moisture. This step also helps fortify your skin’s natural lipid barrier which protects it from drying environmental irritants.

Stone Crop Body Oil

Soothe and smooth dryness with our Stone Crop Body Oil. This hydrating body oil combines arnica, stone crop, rosehip oil and avocado oil to comfort and moisturize dry skin. Warm it in your hands and apply with a gentle massage-like effect for an indulgent spa experience at home. Perfectly lightweight, it leaves a soft, satin finish from head to toe.

3. Tone

If cellulite is a concern, you aren’t alone. According to Scientific American, ninety percent of women have cellulite, which typically appears as dimpled skin around the buttocks and thighs. While cellulite can’t be made to disappear, you can reduce its appearance with topical skin care.

Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream

Reduce the appearance of cellulite with Eminence Organics' Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream. This naturally potent cream contains active ingredients that smooth and firm the skin. Stone crop, shea butter and jojoba oil add additional moisture, while coffee and microalgae extracts improve the look of cellulite. Use it as an all-over moisturizer or as a targeted treatment to tighten and tone where your body needs it most.

4. Spa Treatment

For a truly indulgent experience, visit Thai-Me Spa for a professional body treatment. In addition to the steps above, this service often includes a toasty body wrap to deeply hydrate and revitalize the skin's appearance (which in turn, helps improve the look of cellulite).

Stone Crop Restorative Body Wrap

The Stone Crop Restorative Body Wrap imparts the benefits of Eminence Organics’ signature stone crop ingredient in a relaxing spa treatment. This restorative gel body wrap contains stone crop, aloe and powerful actives to hydrate, rejuvenate and brighten the skin’s appearance. Perfect as a post-sun treatment to soothe redness and dryness, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

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